Lunch menu

  = Vegetarian   = Vegetarian option available   = Specially made by our chefs


Smoked mackerel salad
Green apple, red onion, herb salad

€ 11.75

Buffalo mozzarella, tomato, balsamic vinegar, pine nuts

€ 10.75

Hot chicken
Home-marinated chicken, bacon, hot ketchup mayonnaise

€ 11.75

DenK 12 o'clock dish
Mackerel salad sandwich, hot chicken sandwich, courgette soup

€ 12.75

Lunch for 2
Assortment of bread, steak tartare, smoked trout, marinated vegetables, Old Amsterdam cheese, turkey breast, mackerel salad, soup of the day, 1 glass of orange juice

€ 14.50 p.p.

Club sandwiches

Smoked salmon
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, Little Gem lettuce, potato chips

€ 13.75

Smoked turkey breast, bacon & egg, mustard mayonnaise, tomato, Little Gem lettuce Old Alkmaar cheese, potato chips

€ 12.50

Mature cheese 
Old Alkmaar cheese, mustard mayonnaise, fried egg, tomato, Little Gem lettuce, potato chips

€ 11.50


Courgette soup, vadouvan foam 
With curry foam

€ 9.00

Soto ayam
Chicken breast, bean sprouts, spring onion, boiled egg, celery, noodles, crispy onion

€ 9.50


Caesar salad
Our take on a classic, with a choice of:
- pan-fried king prawns and chorizo
- home-smoked chicken, boiled egg, fried bacon

€ 13.50

Rich salad
Crayfish tails, Parma ham, slow-cooked onion, capers, sun-dried tomatoes, lamb’s lettuce, croutons

€ 14.50


‘DenK’ burger
200 grams of beef with bacon, grilled courgette, Little Gem lettuce, hot ketchup mayonnaise, brioche bread, potato chips

€ 15.50

‘Denk’ veggie tomato burger 
Grilled courgette, Little Gem lettuce, hot ketchup mayonnaise, brioche, potato chips

€ 13.75

Market Menu

2-course lunch menu 

€ 27.50

3-course lunch menu 

€ 35.00


Parma ham
Marinated vegetables, chicken, bacon, chorizo, Parmesan cheese, lamb’s lettuce

€ 12.75

Smoked salmon
Marinated vegetables, Parmesan cheese, lamb’s lettuce

€ 12.75

Marinated vegetables
Sweet pepper, courgette, aubergine, Parmesan cheese, lamb’s lettuce

€ 11.00

Home-made pastry

Lime cheesecake with peach compote

€ 4.75

Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache

€ 4.75

Apple pie, almond paste, raisins, frangipane

€ 4.75


Macaron of red fruit
Ganache of forest fruits, lime parfait, fresh red fruit

€ 9.50

Caramelized white chocolate cake
Poached peach, peach sorbet

€ 9.50

Grilled watermelon
Yoghurt sorbet, strained yoghurt, basil gel

€ 9.50

Coffee complete
Home-made madeleine, whipped cream truffle, tartlet with lemon curd

€ 9.50

Cheeses by “Bourgondisch Lifestyle”

€ 10.50


Bonbons selected for you (3 pieces)

€ 3.75

Cold bites

Cold meat, sliced

€ 8.50

Bread with aioli

€ 4.00

Marinated olives

€ 4.50

Smoked almonds

€ 4.50

Warm bites

Bitterballen (round meat croquettes) (6 pieces)

Per portion € 6.50

Deep-fried king prawns (6 pieces)

Per portion € 6.50

Cheese sticks (6 pieces) 

Per portion € 6.50

Mini spring rolls (6 pieces) 

Per portion € 6.50

Mixed snacks

Small € 10.50
Large € 19.50

Denk serving stand
Bread aioli, olives, cold meat, mixed snacks large

€ 24.75