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A la carte


Caesar salad

Our version of a classic with a choice of:

          - Friend jumbo shrimps & chorizo

          - House smoked chicken, boiled egg & fried bacon

€ 13,50
€ 18,50**

Salade Niçoise

Fresh tuna, anchovies, green beans, capers, red onion, potato, sun-dried tomatoes, olives

€ 14,50
€ 20,50**

Homemade duck spring roll

Asian salad, mango chutney

€ 11,50

Fried scallops

vichyssoise soup, potato remolade

€ 13,50

Veal & Pata Negra ham

Red shallots, vandouvanmayonnaise, brioche bread, salad

€ 12,50

Cod flakes

Oriental dressing, ginger gel, coconut crumble

€ 11,50

Cauliflower flan (V*)

Beurre noisette, cauliflower couscous, browned cauliflower

€ 10,50


Thaise pumpkinsoup (V*)

CNaan bread, pesto 

€ 9,50

 Lobster bisque 

Curry foam, shrimps, spring onion, bean sprouts

€ 10,50

 Main courses

Chef’s special

Ask out staff aout the Chef’s special

Daily price

Fish of the day

Ask our staff about the catch of the day

Daily price

Baby sole

Brandade, green cabbage, sun-dried tomato, beurre blanc

€ 22,50


Fregola, pesto, spinach, antiboise sauce

€ 22,50

Guinea fowl rouleau

Celeriac cream, potato savarin, kohlrabi

€ 22,50

Australian beef bavette

Sweet potatoes, roasted rainbow carrots, beef gravy, watercress

€ 22,50

Homemade tortellini filled with baba ganoush (V*)

Spinach, sage buttersauce, friend nameko mushrooms 

€ 19,50

"DenK" Burger

100% free range-beef with brioche, grilled courgette, bacon, Cheddar cheese, fried onion, truffle mayonnaise & chips

"DenK" veggie burger

Brioche, truffle mayonaise, grilled courgette, tomato, chips

€ 19,50



€ 19,50



With Belgian mayonnaise

€ 3,75


Friday Fish market

The best idea for fish lovers! Every Friday our Chef’s team offers a fresh seafood selection

Daily price





€ 6,50

Tomato soup

€ 6,50

Smoked salmon

€ 6,50

Main courses


Kids’ burger

€ 8,50

Pasta Bolognese

€ 8,50

Kids’ fish, chips and salad

€ 8,50



Ice cream

€ 5,50


Coupe ananas

YPoached pineapple, jelly, spiced mousse, cardamon ice cream

€ 9,50

Caramelised white chocolate torte

Mandarin slices, mandarin sorbet ice cream, citrus gel, Jan Hagel biscuit

€ 9,50

Pear tarte tatin 

Salted caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream 

€ 9,50

Coffee with sweet treats

Homemade mergpijpje (marzipan and chocolate covered cake), red velvet & cream truffle

€ 9,50

Cheeses ‘Bourgondisch Lifestyle’

€ 10,50


‘DenK’ 3-course menu

Free selection

€ 37,50

3-course Market Menu

€ 35,00*

4-course Market Menu

€ 42,00*

*The cheese selection is an additional € 4.50 when you order it as part of 'Menu van de Markt'.


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